Mardi Gras Iberville Projects 1992 New Orleans
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Throwback Footage of New Orleans Mardi Gras in the Iberville Projects in 1992

Iberville Projects, New Orleans 92′

Via “Gank D” on Youtube:

Throw back footage on how it use to be in New Orleans. Having fun w/ family & friends. A couple surprising performances by Ganksta D. (Shout out Downtown 4th ward Iberville)……………….New Orleans been twerkin’ ya herd me!

I recently stumbled upon this golden footage of the community in the Iberville Projects during Mardi Gras in 92′. It is true New Orleans fashion. The video is an hour and a half long and fully equipped with kids, bounce, twerking, double dutch, drinks, and purple, green and gold.

I thought this video was too good not to share. You have to check it out below. What do you think has changed since 1992 (other than loss of the Iberville Projects)? Is New Orleans still the same?





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