This tribute to BTY Youngn will leave you speechless.

BTY Youngn had New Orleans on his back. He commanded attention wherever he went and could spit bars without hesitation. He also was loyal to his homies and did not wait to include them in any and every endeavor he encountered. We rarely see BTY Youngn videos without featured local artists. Whether he was creeping with Teezy Baby, or getting to the bag with GreatWhite Stylez, and Jay Jones; he always gave his all and made sure that his friends experienced it with him.

In this video, Teezy Baby, Hollygrove Keem, Jay Jones, and GreatWhite Stylez pay homage to their brother BTY Youngn. The song was filmed at the funeral of BTY Youngn, and is filled with heartfelt lyrics that we can feel through the music.

Check out the video and let us know how it made you feel in the comments below. #LongLiveYoungN

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Written by Mikecol Craige

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