Throw it back Thursday! Watch Gimmie My Gots by Shardaysa

We had to take you to Shardaysa’s world for her viral hit Gimmie My Gots. We featured her own our top 5 bounce artists list and this is one of the reasons why. In only a year and a half, this video has received over 900k views on YouTube alone. Bounce music videos are known for going viral but this one has taken the cake. The video was shot by $on Production and features Shardaysa accompanied by her team of dancers (shakers) who are getting down to the beat!

The song is still going strong in the bounce air waves. Shardaysa periodically posts videos of various women dancing to the song at parties, kickbacks, and even weddings! Congrats girl, we see you!

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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