Best Rapper Alive: TOP 5 Lil Wayne Mixtapes

Lil Wayne is a living legend. His abstract style of music has literally changed the way the world views hip hop. He was born in Hollygrove, New Orleans, and rose to stardom in the early 2000s under the Cash Money Record label. Lil Wayne became the hip hop mascot of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina nearly washed it away in 2005. He helped motivate the masses, and also heavily influenced fashion with his tattoos, long dread locks, and rope chains. In 2012 Lil Wayne surpassed Elvis Presley with the most Hot 100 Billboard appearances as a solo act. Weezy also changed the way we viewed underground mixtapes in the music industry. Between dropping his Carter II and Carter III albums, Lil Wayne was given the name “mixtape Weezy” for dropping seven free mixtapes online.

Here are our TOP 5 Lil Wayne mixtapes of all time!

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Written by Mikecol Craige

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