Is Aha Gazelle a young Kanye West in the making?

Aha Gazelle has been on the music scene for a minute now with his first song video appearing on youtube in 2013. In a short amount of time, he managed to build his brand large enough to capture the attention of Sony’s Reach Records

. Reach Records is a very successful label specializing in Christian hip hop and is home to rappers like Lecrae, and Trip Lee. Aha has many facets. He is highly skilled rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. His new mixtape Trilliam 2  is completely self produced and it’s mind blowing! He even incorporates classic bounce styles into the music to give you an authentic New Orleans sound. Earlier this month he released his first video from his new project called “Momma’s House”. The video was beautifully shot by the Dark Brothers, and guest stars comedians Nick and Dan.

With Aha Gazelle only being 23 years old, we can not help but compare him to the legendary rapper/producer Kanye West. He created a lane creating unique sounds that were fundamentally his. We see signs of that in Aha as well. We are very excited to see where he goes with his music career and will be following him every step of the way! In the meantime check out his new video and mixtape below and tell us what you think in the comments!

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Written by Mikecol Craige

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