New Orleans FLOATN founder CE$A drops new visuals for his single ‘Look At Me Now’ [WATCH]

Just like New Orleans, Newtral Groundz takes pride in highlighting multi-talented artists, like CE$A.

New Orleans native and St. Augustine graduate, Curtis Victorian, better known as CE$A, first felt his creative juices flow while starting high school. Even before studying marketing on a collegiate level, CE$A founded his clothing company, FLOATN, CO. Initially teaming up with his childhood friends, they established themselves as FOB, (Fall Out Boys), a music group.EventuallyFOB faded. It wasn’t until down the line that someone asked about FOB, which sparked the idea of a reunion. Combining FLOATN and FOB, they established themselves as The Floata’s (CE$A, Joe $moke & Juda), continuing with the clothing line and music together.

Still musically grinding today, The Floata’s have been working hard and are soon set to drop their newest tape Floatn Lifestyle 2.

Although still a member of the Floata’s, CE$A began making music as a solo artist. Growing up, and specifically during Hurricane Katrina, CE$A relied on Lil Wayne and the lyrical feeling he would get from listening to his music. He recently teamed up with Chapter9ine Productions to create the visuals for his new single ‘Look At Me Now’. Part of his upcoming album ‘The Tables Turn’, set to drop in the fall of 2018, CE$A is giving the city an idea of what to expect from him. Although the visuals in ‘Look At Me Now’ gives off a comical vibe, it became clear through his words that CE$A is an all around talented artist.

Beaming away from the funny concept of his newest video, our conversation began to focus more on himself as an overall artist when I asked him the million dollar question:

Why should people listen to your music?

CE$A responded, “Coming from nothing, dealing with my dad’s death in 2013, and real life shit outside of that, I want to tell people to keep going, keep grinding. I’m original and never trying to be anyone but me. That’s what sets me apart and what my music is about.”

It’s easy to think that in everyday life, finding your grind to make you shine seems like a heavy task. Like other success stories that come from New Orleans, we continue to learn that hardwork and dedication can elevate you as an artist, but most importantly as a person. Below, check out both CE$A’s new video ‘Look At Me Now’ and The Floata’s latest video “Chosen”. Be on the look out for both upcoming albums ‘The Tables Turn’ and ‘Floatn Lifestyle 2’. In the meantime, check out some of his merchandise here.

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Written by Delano Walton

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