Phat Phat N All That is back! Here’s what you need to know about the return of the New Orleans hip-hop show.

Phat Phat N All That is a hip-hop television show responsible for interviewing the careers of New Orleans hip hop icons. Chris from Phat Phat managed to document the careers of Soulja Slim, Juvenile, Master P, and Mia X among others.

Phat Phat N All That has the biggest New Orleans music culture archive that I have ever seen. Most of his work was recorded on VHS tapes, but he has now converted most of his collection to digital.

The show is now playing on Saturday mornings on WGNO. We partnered with Phat Phat N All That for our Magnolia Documentary. Congratulations on the return of Phat Phat, and you can check out the documentary below!