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    Ice Cream Gangsta? Check out this 1996 News Special on CP3 featuring Master P

    Street Talk – Is there Heaven for a Gangsta?

    This old news documentary explores the many different angles of New Orleans, most too familiar to us all.  Beginning with the coverage of the murder of Randal Watts, a close friend of Master P’s, the news special dives into the 3rd ward and the Calliope Projects.

    At the forefront of news special is Master P, with highlights from his early upbringing. It explores his first gold record hit “Ice Cream Man”.  Master P explains how big of a role model the actual neighborhood ice cream man was on him. He saw him as businessman who made money and that everyone liked, which influenced him to do the same.

    “I’m just writing about what I see, everyday life,” says Master P. Music reflects reality. Over the years, his music and businessman outlook would set a foundation for so many people on the actual streets of this news special.

    Violence is always at a to constant peak in New Orleans, but there’s no denying that its community maintains its sanity through its own peoples musical and cultural influence.

    Check out the news special below!

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    ANIMALS: Documentary Exploring 90’s Inner-City Fashion and Culture in New Orleans

    Be on the lookout for “Animals” – A 90’s love story about NOLA’s love for a shoe

    If you grew up in New Orleans in the early 1990’s, you pobably remember living in the City’s small but unqiue bubble of music, culture, and fashion. What people wore in NOLA was a reflection of New Orleans itself, which people still strive for today. Known as a high-end reatiler in New York, Bally’s released its “Animal” shoe collection in New Orleans store, not knowing what a foundation it would build for the fashion going forward in the Magnolia.

    Written, produced, and directed by Benjamin Simmons, “Animals” is a documenary that takes us back to the 90’s in New Orleans during that time.  It is a film that aspires to tell the story of New Orleans youth, the rise of inner-city fashion and culture, and the impact Bally’s had on that. With interviews from KLC, Bustdown, and high end reatilers to former street hustlers, the film is bringing back full on nostalgia.

    Check out the trailer below and be sure to check out the full documentary at the New Orleans Film Festival in October of 2018.




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    Paasky gets Real with his new Single “Siblings” [Audio]

    New Orleans artist Paasky takes it a step further by basing his new single Siblings on true events

    As a native of the 5th ward, Rashad Kelly grew up in New Orleans as PAASKY, a childhood nickname given to him by his grandfather. Like most in New Orleans, Paasky turns to music as an outlet on the portrayal of life.

    Known for his articulate flow and powerful lyrics, Paasky’s new Siblings showcases how real he can really get as an artist. The smooth melody provides us with a raw, but vulnerable feel. Paasky teamed up with Producer Jon Mercure on this single, and we must say, this one is for the books.

    Check it out below. Can you relate? Let us know if you want to see a video drop!




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    Carter 2 Classic: Lil Soulja Slim Remixes Lil Wayne’s “Grown Man” in New Video and it’s a MUST SEE!

    Lil Soulja Slim does a great job at putting on for New Orleans.

    We haven’t seen a new video from Lil Soulja Slim in about two months. He’s been spending time putting work into the artists a part of his Cut Throat label Willa Boy, and G.I. Peachez. That’s why we were excited to see him release a new visual.

    We were even more excited to see that he remixed Lil Wayne’s classic Grown Man from his Carter 2 album. The video features Slim meeting up with an Jane Doe only to find out that he was seeing her mother.

    This video is the first part of a series of videos from his latest EP Inconsiderate. 

    Check out the video below!

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    New Orleans Nostalgia: You’ve got to see these classic No Limit Videos! [WATCH]

    Which essential No Limit video do you get down with the most?

    Founded in 1990, Master P began to build No Limit Records fame and name when he linked with some local New Orleans artists in an attempt to build his musical empire. As the years passed, so did the record labels success and popularity, especially in the Magnolia.

    As Master P continued to work with New Orleans artists, the hype on NOLA’s culture and music was at a high, even nationally.

    With popular artists like the 504 Boyz, Kane and Abel, Choppa, and even Master P himself under No Limit, it’s safe to say that some of the videos made in the late 90’s and early 2000’s are timeless, especially for the people of New Orleans. Even today, the same raw vibe is seen from local artists making a name for themselves.

    Check out these must see throwback videos and let us know which one you got that hand clap for.

    Choppa – Choppa Style


    Master P ft. Weebie Krazy – Rock It

    Master P – Oohhwee

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    Bounce Business: From the Block to the Bus

    BROWN BEAT – “The bus don’t run off gas, it runs off ass”

    Whether you are from New Orleans or visiting, you have probably heard and seen the big purple bounce bus bumpin to Jubilee’s “Get Ready, Ready” down Canal Street. But who is the mastermind behind the start of another New Orleans tradition?

    Check out this article that reveals why creator, Andrew Honeycutt a.k.a. DJ Whatever, started the bounce bus and and why a ride on the purple bus is more than just a party, but an “authentic bounce experience.”

    As a native and DJ in New Orleans since the early 90’s, Honeycutt knows something about bounce music.  The article talks about how he first started he stared the bounce bus, who he started it for, and the positive impact it has not only had on the city of New Orleans, but the New Orleans tourism industry itself.

    With more requests for the bounce party bus experience from around the US, it’s clear that bounce music is continuing to put NOLA on the map. But remember, there’s only one rule…No Sitting Down!

    Check out the full article here:




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    Bringing it Back to Phat Phat N All That

    Does the classic Phat Phat N All That need to make a comeback?

    If you’re from New Orleans, you have to remember Phat Phat N All That. This clip showcases a variety of short interviews with some of the South’s hottest artists like BG, UNLV, Juvenile, Ms. Tee, and Chopper City Boys when they were all on the come up.

    Take yourself back to the city in 2004 when the blocks were burning and the artists, albums, and children were on full display.

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    (Audio) Check out this new strip club banger by Monee Merci and Chrissa SJE💃🏽

    Make sure you tell the DJ to spin this record at Rain next Thursday.

    Monee Merci just dropped a dope song with Chrissa SJE called Da Club and you’ve got to check it out.

    New Orleans is on the come up for the summer. There has been a wave of content being put out in the streets.

    Check out the track on Soundcloud below, and be on the lookout for the release on all streaming platforms on May 12th.


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    Mobile Al. Rapper OMB Peezy pays homage to Soulja Slim and highlights police brutality with “Soulja Life Mentality” Single

    Soulja Slim’s influence strikes again with this banger by OMB Peezy.

    OMB Peezy is a rising star out of Mobile Alabama that has been making a huge impact on his city. It’s about time that Alabama enters the airwaves, and OMB Peezy is definitely someone we have been looking at.

    What we didn’t expect was for him to remix Soulja Slim’s classic “Soulja Life Mentality“, shoot a video for it, and drop it on our heads like he did. We’ve been hearing a lot of young rappers pay homage to classic rappers lately. NBA Young Boy (Diamond Teeth Samurai), and Rae Sremmurd (Powerglide) are a couple of recent hits.

    What we love most about the song, is that he used it as a chance to highlight police brutality in our communities. Police brutality isn’t a new phenomenon, and Peezy let us know this by resurrecting a classic hit for new ears to hear.

    If you’ve never heard of OMB Peezy you need to get on before you start looking like a bandwagon. We are ready for what he has in store this summer, and salute him for paying homage to the New Orleans legend that is Soulja Slim.

    Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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    These are 🔥: Jet Life teams up with Reebok for Question shoe release.

    Another collaboration that helps bring New Orleans culture to the world.

    New Orleans hip hop star Curren$y is known for his high fashion sense. He is always spotted with the hottest local and designer brands.

    Earlier this week Spitta and the Jet Life team met up at Sneaker Politics New Orleans for the release of the new Jet Life Reebok Question shoe. The show was beautifully designed and featured Spitta’s Mint Condition green to give it a Jet Life touch.

    Sneaker Politics teamed up with Freewater to bring a concert to the store for the release starring Curren$y. The event was a success and we can hope to see more events like this in the summer!

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    Classic New Orleans: Behind the Scenes of Birdman and Mannie Fresh’s “Designer Caskets” Video

    Birdman and Mannie Fresh returned to their stomping grounds to shoot a movie for Designer Caskets!

    Cash Money Records had a reputation in the early 00s for showing up and showing out in Uptown New Orleans. The energy of the city used to be amazing. We got a chance to experience that feeling this week when Birdman recruited legendary Director Benny Boom to film his video for Designer Caskets in the city.

    The streets were filled with spectators as they organized and executed the visual in a timely manner. New Orleans needs more productions like this happening because they inspire the youth by showing them what’s out there. Luckily we had Dr. Clipz on the scene capturing the event as it unfolded.

    Check out the small gallery we put together below!

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    On the world stage: New Orleans Bounce sub-genre has it’s first #1 Billboard Hit

    New Orleans culture has been in the headlines a lot lately.

    New Orleans has always been known for it’s rich and diverse culture. Although the city is relatively small, the culture’s impact on our the world is larger than life. We saw how influential the culture could be when Drake released his New Orleans bounce song “Nice for What”. The song featured notable New Orleans Bounce artists like Big Freedia, BlaqNMild, and 5thward Weebie. 

    Yesterday the song debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. This is the first time that a bounce song topped the charts.

    Drake has been receiving backlash over culture appropriation by some New Orleans residents. We disagree because he used this as a way to give our culture a platform that we otherwise wouldn’t have had. This was a big move for New Orleans.

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