Bounce Business: From the Block to the Bus

New Orleans’ most authentic bounce experience

BROWN BEAT – “The bus don’t run off gas, it runs off ass”

Whether you are from New Orleans or visiting, you have probably heard and seen the big purple bounce bus bumpin to Jubilee’s “Get Ready, Ready” down Canal Street. But who is the mastermind behind the start of another New Orleans tradition?

Check out this article that reveals why creator, Andrew Honeycutt a.k.a. DJ Whatever, started the bounce bus and and why a ride on the purple bus is more than just a party, but an ā€œauthentic bounce experience.”

As a native and DJ in New Orleans since the early 90’s, Honeycutt knows something about bounce music.Ā  The article talks about how he first started he stared the bounce bus, who he started it for, and the positive impact it has not only had on the city of New Orleans, but the New Orleans tourism industry itself.

With more requests for the bounce party bus experience from around the US, itā€™s clear that bounce music is continuing to put NOLA on the map. But remember, thereā€™s only one rule…No Sitting Down!

Check out the full article here:



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