Top 7 mistakes made by independent recording artists.

There are many mistakes that can be made as an independent artists. Some mistakes are corrected through trial and error, while others require necessary skills to repair. Here are our top 7 mistakes that can be made by indie artists.

1.Your music is wack.

This is a classic mistake made by indie artists. They record a record, then release it without getting a few unbiased opinions. In the overcrowded world of indie music, listeners will skip a song if it doesn’t catch their attention in the first 15-25 seconds. It’s important to take the creative process seriously, and also look for mentors who can help with structure and technique. Not every song will be a hit, but take the necessary steps to polish and refine your product before release.

2. You don’t market yourself well

Marketing is a very important variable to take into account when trying to make it as an independent artist. Getting your music on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud is known as digital distribution. These platforms won’t influence the buying decisions, not will they influence content engagement. Fortunately for us, we live in a society filled with various marketing tools to help drive traffic to your digital platform that will be designed to influence their buying decisions. YouTube, social media, blogs, and live performances are all marketing tools that need to be mastered in order to maximize your exposure as a rising artist.

3. You’re not posting videos consistently to Youtube

YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. YouTube is unmatched in it’s ability to garner traffic. The site gets 4.9 million views daily, and has helped many recording artists get recognized enough to develop a professional music career. Today’s fans also respond better to music that is attached to a visual.

4. You don’t know how to move like a record label

If you were signed to a record label, the first thing they would do is give you a team. This team would consist of every type of individual needed to help push you forward as an artist. The team that the label would assign to you would take care of everything from bookings, to photography, make-up, and so on. Each representative would be a professional in their field and experienced in applying their skill sets to benefit label signees. A smart indie artist would create their own team consisting of people with the skill sets needed to grow them as an artist. Why wait for a label to do that for you?

5. You aren’t good at performing live

Live performances are pivotal to the success of an artist. It’s where you get the chance to connect with your fan base, and even reach potential fans. Nothing makes a crowd feel more awkward than watching an artist stumble over their lyrics while trying to get over stage freight.

6. You’re trying to sell music like it’s the 90s

The days of standing outside with a trunk full of CDs are over. We live in a digital society now so the rules have changed a bit. In order to thrive in any industry you have to be able to move with the times. In the 60s it was pretty much impossible to become successful with out the support from a major label. Now we see independent artists with bigger names than signed artists. You are only as good as your ability to adapt.

7. You aren’t monetizing your content

Monetizing your content means that you are profiting from the traffic that you generate. The best way to make residual income while trying to come up is by monetizing your content.


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