Happy 22nd Birthday Slim! Check out our Top 3 Lil Soulja Slim music videos.

Lil Soulja Slim has been trailblazing through the New Orleans hip hop scene for about 2 years now. He has been on the constant grind and is showing everyone that success is possible with determination.

Today is Slim’s 22nd birthday and we are celebrating it with our top 3 music videos from him. Check out the videos below and let us know if we missed any in the comments below!


3. “Everyday” Featuring T.Y. (Dir. Dr.Clipz)

This was the first video to go viral since “Can I Ball”. The video features Slim and T.Y. at St. Customs living their everyday life. The song was featured on Slim’s Life of a Soulja 3 Project.

2. “Gotta Eat” Featuring Young Juve (Dir. Dr.Clipz)

Gotta Eat is out number 2 on the list. This video was very high energy and vibrant. It featured Slim and Young Juve at Super Sunday in Uptown New Orleans. The video is very well shot and we highly recommend you see it if you’re a fan of Soulja Slim and Juvenile.

1. “Real Soulja 4 Lyfe”  (Dir. Bidduhh Films)

This video had Slim buzzing nationwide. After Soulja Boy disrespected Slim by attempting to take on the persona of his dad, he clapped back with a dis record and no fly zone in New Orleans.


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