Get that money! 3 ways to support your music dreams.

The music industry has been changing over the years. In the past, to make it in music would require the support of a major label. These labels would have all of the necessary connections to build that artist into what they wanted them to be. In today’s society anyone can build a home studio, download instrumentals, and start a music career. Another big difference in the music industry today, is the concept of streaming online vs. selling records in music stores. Chance the Rapper made history at the 59th annual grammy awards for being the first artist to win a grammy without physically selling any copies of his own music. We are starting to see an increase in independent artists who are looking for options other than a major label to raise money to support their careers. Check out these three quick tips on how to make money to support your music career! Have any tips of your own? Leave a comment below!

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