Sheba Turk announces that The 504 TV is coming to an end?

The 504 TV was an amazing platform for local New Orleanians to gain exposure for their brands.

The show was hosted by Sheba Turk, someone who was new to hosting on television. She was a great host who interacted well with the guests and added value to the program. The 504 TV went viral nationally when Pokey performed his smash hit Side Piece on air.

The 504 TV was responsible for shining a spot light on a lot of talent in the city that wouldn’t have gotten that type of exposure otherwise. Sheba announced that the show will be ending a few days ago on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Do you think she should find a replacement host? We think so! The show was a great look for the city and was a good platform for local talent. We’re happy for Sheba and her promotion, but wouldn’t it be great to see someone rise to the challenge? Let us know in the comments below!


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