You’ve got to see this TV One special on Magnolia Shorty [Watch]

Renetta Bridgewater also known as Magnolia Shorty was a very successful upcoming bounce star from New Orleans.

New Orleans bounce gained national recognition in the early 2000s. The bounce sound was creating a pipeline for local New Orleans artists to build a brand. Magnolia Shorty represented the women in New Orleans who felt they could work the mic just as good as the guys. She was notable for her smash hits “Monkey on da D$ck” and “Smoking Gun”.

Magnolia Shorty is a New Orleans legend. We feel like her story hasn’t been highlighted enough in the media. Which is why when we came across a TV Once special about her life we had to share it!

The special is 50 minutes long and goes into detail about her life and success. We applaud TV One for preserving her image on a digital medium.

Watch the episode of Celebrity Crime Files below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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