Carter 2 Classic: Lil Soulja Slim Remixes Lil Wayne’s “Grown Man” in New Video and it’s a MUST SEE!

Lil Soulja Slim does a great job at putting on for New Orleans.

We haven’t seen a new video from Lil Soulja Slim in about two months. He’s been spending time putting work into the artists a part of his Cut Throat label Willa Boy, and G.I. Peachez. That’s why we were excited to see him release a new visual.

We were even more excited to see that he remixed Lil Wayne’s classic Grown Man from his Carter 2 album. The video features Slim meeting up with an Jane Doe only to find out that he was seeing her mother.

This video is the first part of a series of videos from his latest EP Inconsiderate. 

Check out the video below!


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