Uptown’s TatyannaXL Brings fire with her B.G. Inspired Flow (Interview)

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Tatyanna XL: An Uptown Thing

In New Orleans, some of the most successful artists come from Uptown. Could Tatyanna XL be that next breakthrough underground female artist? After watching her BG inspired freestyle flow video, it’s obvious she has the entire package: the look, the rhythm, and that fiya beat.

Without resistance, I decided to reach out to Tatyanna to ask her more about her future music plans. Check out our interview below:

NewtralGroundz: How long have you been making music and how did you get into music?

Tatyana’: I have been making music for about 6 years now. One day I was in the studio with my producer, KC, play rapping on a beat, and we just started talking about how I actually had the flow and that style. After that, I decided to take it a little more seriously. The BG flow just kinda came natural lol, I guess it’s an Uptown thing. I’m in love with that entire era – the Hot Boyz and Cash Money era.

Other than Cash Money, do you have any other musical inspirations that you look to when making music?

Tatyana’: Of course. My music inspiration comes from my top 5 favorite artists: Nas, Little Wayne, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill and Lil Kim.

Do you plan on making more music in the future? If so, what can we expect and when?

Tatyana’: I can say that I plan on releasing other music with that same BG flavor but I won’t be centering my whole rap life around just that. I will definitely have a song or two more on the softer side for the ladies. Surprisingly, guys like soft stuff too. I’m very versatile and I think I’ll show that on my upcoming project. I plan on releasing more music singularly, but I am working on a project that will probably be ready within the next three months.

Tatyanna XL, where does the XL come from?

Tatyana’: I slung XL at the end of my name because I really am a tiny person in real life, lol. So, XL is to say I know I’m small, but what I’m saying is BIG. How I’m coming is BIG. My personality is BIG. Without a face you would never think all that come from this lil person. So XL cause imma always do it big or go home!

If there’s anything you want your listeners to know about you and your music, what is it?

Tatyana’: When people hear my music I want them to know that I done been through some shit. So don’t let the pretty face fool you. I’m 23, but I’ve experienced a lot of life. Without being said, being from New Orleans, it just kinda does that.

Yall go show her some lnstagram love @tatyannaxl – Then check out “BGFLOW”  below. It’s directed by Dr. Clipz and got that FIYA New Orleans vibe!

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