Film talk with “We Never Close” Documentary Director Dr. Clipz [Interview]

‘We Never Close’ Interview with Dr. Clipz

With the upcoming June release of documentary film ‘We Never Close’ featuring Grammy Award winning producer Chase N. Cashe (Jesse Woodward) and rapper and song-writer Negus (Gustave McKenna), I was excited to get the chance to sit down with the creative mind and director behind the film, Dr. Clipz (Brent Craige). I was curious to gain insight into what we can expect from these local New Orleans creative artists that have managed to step up onto a much bigger platform.

Check out our exclusive interview below!

NewtralGroundz: ‘We Never Close’ – seems deep. Before getting more into the vision of this documentary film, what’s the meaning of the title?

Dr. Clipz: Chase and Gus started We Never Close a few years back with their first project We Never Close. The name was inspired by a closed down po-boy shop in New Orleans East called We Never Close. Ironically it closed, so this is a way of keeping the legacy alive.

NewtralGroundz: You’ve previously directed a lot of videos, both locally and some nationally, what was your creative vision behind this documentary? Is it your first documentary film?

Dr. Clipz: Documentaries are more informative than entertaining. My goal was to make this documentary just as entertaining by incorporating mini music videos throughout. This is my first full length project. My first documentary was done in college at Tuskegee University.

NewtralGroundz: How has it differed from filming videos?

Dr. Clipz: Documentaries are meant to be informative. As long as you learn along the way you’re on the right track. Music videos can be pretty abstract, but docs need a certain flow. There are elements that apply only to documentary films that should be used when creating your project. As long as you incorporate those elements, you can make a doc.

NewtralGroundz: I see New Orleans artists Chase N. Cashe and Negus are the featured artists of ‘We Never Close’, who are they?

Dr. Clipz: Chase is a Grammy Award winning producer from New Orleans who’s worked with icons like Lil Wayne, Drake, and Beyonce. He’s a pioneer in the music industry and has sold millions of records. Negus aka Gus is a rising rap star from New Orleans that I’ve known for years. We actually graduated from Mcdonogh 35 together in 2011. He’s a very talented artist that I believe can really impact the industry. You’ll see how they first met in the film.

NewtralGroundz: How do you come about linking up with these two artists for this documentary in particular?

Dr. Clipz: I met Chase through a mutual friend (E from DaWinners) after filming a few music videos from him. I’ve known Gus since high school.

NewtralGroundz: Have Chase N. Cashe and Negus had any previous musical collaboration together prior to this documentary?

Dr. Clipz: Although the documentary is called We Never Close, the music is based from the second installment of the series. They dropped their first album before I met Chase. They wanted to do a film for it but things didn’t work out.

NewtralGroundz: Why did you choose to create ‘We Never Close’? Was it a combination of everyone involved’s creative juices coming together?

Dr. Clipz: I decided to get involved with this project for a lot of reason. I think the biggest reason was because I believed in the music. I think Gus and Chase make great music, and that WNC2 needed a visual element that was larger than life.

NewtralGroundz: How does this documentary film entangle itself in New Orleans? (i.e. music, art, struggle, violence, education, culture, the streets)

Dr. Clipz: The documentary tackles all of those subjects because those are things that live in the culture. It wouldn’t be a story about New Orleans without those elements incorporated. In the film they visit Crescent Learning Academy, and Loyola University. They also perform at Abstract NOLA, visit WWL TV, and Peaches Record Store. The story of La’ Millions takes you to a more serious side of New Orleans. It’s all about keeping it real and raw.

NewtralGroundz: I saw from the ‘We Never Close’ Trailer that this film is based on the album “We Never Close 2” – does the message from the documentary and musical album coincide? If so, how?

Dr. Clipz: We Never Close is all about keeping things running. This grind is continuous. We may take a breaks to stay healthy, but it’s a 24/7 lifestyle type of thing.

NewtralGroundz: What can your audience expect to leave with after watching ‘We Never Close’?

Dr. Clipz: A downloaded copy of the album in their iTunes, Spotify, or Tidal account.

NewtralGroundz: Have you decided on a final release date? If so, what is it?

Dr. Clipz: Wednesday, June 20th.




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