Making NOLA History with the First Annual #BBMVF: Baller Blockin’ Music Video Festival

FOR THE CULTURE: First Annual Baller Blockin’ Music Video Festival

June 23, 2018 – Peaches Records – New Orleans, Louisiana

From the Creative Flow of TheRadioShaq (Shaq Cosse’), comes New Orleans’ first ever Baller Blockin’ Music Video Festival.  This festival will showcase 20 of New Orleans’ finest local artists, directors and their work. In addition to the presentation of these chosen artists’ videos, a Vanguard Award will be presented. This year’s recipient of the Vanguard Award is Edward Buckles, a sound contributor to the film and video culture in New Orleans.

Keeping it for the culture, everything around this festival screams “Local!” Prior to these awards, artists and directors submitted their best vidoes to TheRadioShaq, in which the top 20 were chosen. These 20 were chosen based on a specific voice he wanted to convey for the award event. At the Festival, these finalists videos will be showcased on a 75″ projection screen and a winner will be chosen by a select panel. The panel will judge these artists based on creativy, orginality, production value, storyline and replay value. There will be several awards given out, including Best Video, Best Edit, Fan Favorite, and more!

The select panel features Freelance Creative Strategist “Digthecreative”, Power 102.9 Personality “DJ Shaad”, and host of the NOLA Blueprint Show “Culuturepushamaq”. The Festival will be hosted by New Orleans’ Top Comedy Act Mark Ceasar.

To get more insight behind the creative culture, I spoke with the creative mind behind the Baller Block Awards, Shaq Cosse’, aka “TheRadioShaq”. Put simply, Shaq said he has always wanted to create an event inspired by the Cash Money era of New Orleans rap culture. Specifically, by Cash Money’s Baller Blockin film. Shaq says he plans to make this an annual event.

The lineup and schedule of the BBMVF is as follows:
1:00 – 1:30 Artists, Directors, Host, Panelists Show up
1:30 – 2:00  Food + Drinks for Artists, Directors, Host, Panelists
2:00 – 2:07  Mark Ceasar’s opening monologue introducing himself, panelists, brief programming notes + jokes
2:07 – 2:14  Soft background music of Peaches Records Store, champagne + everyone introduce yourself to someone you’ve never spoken to before, GO!
2:14 – 2:21  Cam – “Livin” Presented by Camri Robinson(Directed by Camri Robinson and Erwin Marrineaux)
2:21 – 2:28  The Floata’s – “Oh No” Presented by CE$A + Juda
2:28 – 2:35  $hawk – “Divorced” Presented by $hawk (Directed by Pboicouson)
2:35 – 2:42 Jakk Jo – “Struggle HD” Presented by Jakk Jo (Directed by Jay C. Evans)
2:42 – 2:49 Nilly – Part 1 of “5 Life: The Film” Presented by B Wes (Directed by Jade Delvalle)
2:49 – 2:59 Link up with the person that you met during Intermission #1 + pitch them, and what they do, to someone you know, but they don’t. Then switch, and do the same
2:59 – 3:06 Theron Cunningham – “Still the Sun Shines on Strange Fruit” Presented by Theron Cunningham (Directed by Theron Cunningham)
3:06 – 3:13 Knick Gunna – “Boomin” Presented by Alexis Miller (Directed by Visionary Barnes)
3:13 – 3:20 Tatyanna XL – “BG Flow” Presnted by Tatyanna XL (Directed by our own Dr. Clipz)
3:20 – 3:27 Kr3wcial – “Eat’n Pizza” Presented by Kr3wcial (Directed by Dominic Scott)
3:27 – 3:34 Adam Vo + LanesLense – “This is For New Orleans: (Nice for What) Presented by Adam Vo (Directed by Laneslense + Shot by TVADV)
3:34 – 3:44 Meet another person that you’ve never met before, dig through the vinyls of Peaches Records + have a music conversation about a record that you’ve both pulled.
3:44 – 3:51 Yelz – “Whole Bag” Presented by Yelz (Directed by Laneslense)
3:51 – 3:58 7c Herm – “Send Word” Presented by Herm (Directed by Jose Romero of Writers Bloc)
3:58 – 4:05 Sleazy EZ – “Dummy” Presented by Dominic Scott (Directed by Dominic Scott)
4:05 – 4:12 Made Groceries – “Heaven” Presented by GroceryBoys (Directed by TVADV + a special feature)
4:12 – 4:19 Paasky – “Big Tyme” Presented by Paasky (Directed by Visionary Barnes)
4:19 – 4:29 Go up to an artist or director who has Presented and tell them what their vidoes meant to you.
4:29 – 4:49 Edward Buckles Tribute (Vanguard Award Recipient) – “We The Culture” Short Film (Featuring Uproxx Feature, Lolly Slang video + just annother nigga?)
4:49 – 5:00 Presentation of Best Director, Best Video, Best Storyline, + Lex Boogie Award for Best Female Artist

In New Orleans, we stay about the culture. New Orleans music has always stayed true to its city, which Shaq hopes to highlight. Be sure to head to Peaches Records on June 23, 2018 from 2-5 pm. Free food and drinks will be provided, along with a great opportunity to network. Peaches is located at 4318 Magazine Street.





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