TRU: Recanted witness testimony could send No Limit rapper Corey “C-Murder” Miller back home to the Magnolia

“I can no longer live with knowing that Corey Miller is sitting in jail for something he did not do because of my fabricated statement” – Kenneth Jordan

Like Soulja Slim, BG & Master P, Corey “C-Murder” Miller is a New Orleans rap artist that will forever stand as a legend in the city of New Orleans.

Cut short from his “No Limit” career in 2009, Miller was convicted of shooting and killing 16-year old Steven Thomas at a Harvey nightclub in 2002. Miller faced two trials, each ending in very different results. After being found guilty for second-degree murder in the first trial, Miller’s conviction was thrown out by the Judge. Allegedly, prosecutors withheld evidence relevant to his case.

It didn’t take long for prosecutors to change course come the second trial, which they did. They introduced their star witness: Kenneth Jordan, who testified that he witnessed Corey Miller shooting 16-year old Thomas. This testimony convinced the jury in convicting Miller of second-degree murder,  ultimately sentencing him to life in the Angola prison.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018: Kenneth Jordan recounts his witness testimony in a sworn affidavit with the Court.

Jordan claims what he witnessed the night of Thomas’ shooting was all a setup by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office. Threatening to convict Jordan for the death of his newborn daughter in 2003, Jordan claims the JPSO forced him to give statment Corey Miller was the shooter. Eventually, the mother of Jordan’s child was convicted of the infant child’s death, but the damage to Corey Miller was done.

“The first time that officers of the Jefferson Parish Sherrif’s Office questioned me about the shooting death of Steven Thomas, was after I had been arrested for the murder of my daughter. The JPSO officer approached me and offered me leniencey in my criminal case if I agreed to cooperate and give them a statement implicating Corey Miller” says Jordan.

Full of guilt since Miller’s conviction on August 11, 2009, Kenneth Jordan says he can no longer live knowing his false testimony is the reason an innocent man is sitting in prison. In his newly signed affidavit, Jordan recants his testimony stating “I know the individual who shot the gun was not Corey Miller.”

Since the recanting of Jordan’s statement, Corey Miller’s attorney Paul Barker has asked the Jefferson Parish Court to throw out his 2009 conviction. Without Jordan’s testimony, it is likely that prosecutor’s do not have much of a case against Corey Miller. It is now in the hands of the presiding Judge who can choose to throw out the conviction and order a new trial, or deny the request.

Claiming his innocence since the beginning, there really is No Limit for C-Murder. He has continued to have the support from his New Orleans community and awaits the day he can be reunited with his family.

“My heart hasn’t smiled since I’ve been locked up for 16 years, and I just want them to know that my heart is smiling” – Corey Miller

New Orleans awaits the day Corey Miller is released from prison and justice is served. Not only will that be a nationally historic day, it will without a doubt be a special day for the people of city of New Orleans; full of happiness, secondlines, and celebration.

Check out ‘A Phone Call with C-Murder,’ from Investigation Discovery’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ below:


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