The ELEMENT of New Orleans Entrepreneur and Artist CHANNEL DEV

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Who is CHANNEL DEV? A New Orleans native, and only 20 years old, Devin Espadron, or CHANNEL DEV, is making waves with his business skills and artistry.

Being from a small city like New Orleans, we all know how important networking can be. Unlike other cities, it is likely you’ll be asked “What high school you went to?” before you’re asked “What’s your name?”  Through mutual contacts, the high school you attended can really make a mark in your success. It was only at the age of 17 that St. Augustine graduate Dev grew interest in becoming a businessman, with hopes of personal and communal success.

Like many who graduate from St. Aug, Dev was fortunate enough to have some guidance and influence in his decision to head down the entrepreneurial path. This path would soon lead him to developing Element Beverage Co., a drink company specializing in an all natural pineapple and lemonade beverage, all before the age of 20.

Being a high school student at the time, Dev dove into developing Element, which required pushing himself to learn the ropes of time management. He began waking up before school hours to make his juice, and spending time after school delivering his juice to local shops, starting with We Dat’s Chicken and Shrimp, a popular chicken wing restaurant in New Orleans. With time, the demand for Element started growing, a happy sight for any hard working entrepreneur. Today, and only 3 years later, Element is stocked on many shelves and available for purchase at the Louis Armstrong Airport, We Dat’s Chicken and Shrimp, Canseco’s, Zurrpado’s, Morrow’s Restaurant and more.

“Element is more than a drink, it’s a lifestyle.”

Even with the growing success of his Element Beverage Co., one of Dev’s real passions has always been music. Coming from a musically involved family, it was only at the age of 7 that he saw the same musical talent in himself. To date, he has been working hard to perfect his craft as an artist. Inspired by artists like Lil Wayne and Drake, Dev aspires to create hip hop music, with a combination of old school and new age vibes.

In January, Dev released ‘Rare Vibes’. Following Rare Vibes, he released his single ‘Green Leaf’. He is now set to release his new single ‘Real One’ this August 2018. Listen to his new single ‘Real One’ here.

A lot of successful people come from New Orleans. It is important to highlight that hardwork and determination can bring success to one’s own life, no matter your age or amount of wisdom. Channel Dev’s ambition doesn’t seem to be halting, and we await to see what he will bring next. Not only for himself, but for the community of New Orleans.

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