Mhadi G Lets us Know Nobody’s SAFE in His New Video.

Freewater’s MHADI G drops visuals to his new song SAFE.

If you reside in New Orleans and have never heard of or listened to rapper Mhadi G, you may want to tap in now. Describing his sound as “chill,” the artist uses beats that are more upbeat; leaving you with the option of getting lit or chilling and vibing out.

The 7th Ward native doesn’t have any official projects put out but has a Soundcloud catalog that would convince you to download the app if you didn’t already have it. Rapping for just 3 years, “OG Mhad” has gained a pretty nice fan base.

Dropping records like “STOP” (43.K plays on Soundcloud) and “MISS ME” ft. Neno Calvin (81.4K plays) along with visuals like “MOVE AROUND” and “POCKET WATCHING”, it seems the people enjoy what he puts out.

He recently put a new visual to go along with his new song “SAFE.” Read on as Mhadi G tells about the back story of safe, upcoming music, advice and more.

NG: What inspired you to put out SAFE?

Mhadi G: Well, this dude who made the beat, he’s from Houston. He sent me a few beats and he sent me safe and it was just hard and I just liked it. That was also the name of the beat. I went recorded it a few days later and that shit was hard. I just wanted to make like a hype song, the hooks are pretty simple. I just wanted to make a song with higher energy.

NG: Any new upcoming new music or any projects?

Mhadi G: Yeah, I’m going to drop a project, maybe like early 2019. I don’t have a title or anything but I have some songs. I think its time for me to do that. But definitely more visuals and songs in the meantime. I have 2 more videos I’m going to drop, soon(probably.) #9 with my potna Lamont, from Hammond, shout out to him. A video for a track that I’m going to put out, just a lil something.

NG: Who was over the Creative Direction for SAFE?

Mhadi G: Frank(Freewater) pretty much curated the whole s**t

NG: Are you working with any local artist at the moment?

Mhadi G: I just did a song with Nyko Bandz like two nights ago, some quick s**t. I got some s**t I’m about to drop with Elz probably, and Lamont. That’s pretty much it.

NG: Any upcoming shows?

Mhadi G: I don’t have any shows outside of Freewater events right now, no bookings. Someone book me (laughs).

NG: What’re your thoughts on the local scene? How can we improve (if we can?)

Mhadi G: As artist, engineers, and producers, the music scene in New Orleans as a whole, were all doing our thing, we doing the right s**t. There’s a lot of talent out here, and we low-key work together for the most part. Like, there will be people who won’t work together, say people don’t work together, or may just be hating but that’s everywhere, it’s not really a downfall. That’s just a thing that’ll always be there. I do feel like people could put out better content, like visually. But that’s what we’re trying to show people, and I feel like people are getting it. But that’s why people need to come out here and see the talent we have. But, it’ll come, our time coming. 2019, somebody gone blow.

NG: What’s some advice you can give someone who’s looking to get into music?

Mhadi G: One of the most important things is you have to be around people who actually believe in your talent. Second, to that, you need to surround yourself with people who have goals. I have a potna who do videos, one who in law school, one doing physical therapy – like they have goals they want to achieve and we support each other. You have to be around people who believe in you and want to see you go forward.

Check out Mhadi G’s newest video SAFE below:


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