Master P Speaks on “Ryhme & Reason” Documentary [Short Clip]

Master P’s thoughts on his vision of No Limit Records in Peter Spirer’s 1997 Rhyme & Rhythm Documentary about Rap & Hip Hop

If you’re not familiar with the 1997 documentary Rhyme & Reason, it is one you should check out. Filmed by Peter Spirer, the documentary explores the history and evolution of rap and hip hop throughout its years. 

Throughout the film, Spirer interviews a variety of iconic artists, in which they give their opinions on how they’ve witnesses hip hop evolve. Most notably, and without surprise, Spirer gets the opinion of New Orleans 3rd ward native Master P.

Although short and sweet, the way Master P lays out the future for No Limit Records at that time, in conjunction with its ever growing success today, is notable. Check it out below:

The full documentary is available for viewing here.

Independant. Black owned. We from the hood, and we take what we made up out the hood, and show people from the ghetto that you can have something, and you can be successful, if you put your mind to it. We bout being the next biggest entourage, independent, successful record  company in the world. Not the United States, the World.

-Master P


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