New Orleans Comedian Mark Caesar and Writer Kevin McLin to Introduce Newest TV Series “The Comedy Club”

The Comedy Club Series by Mark Caesar and Kevin McLin, Jr.

Mark Caesar and Kevin McLin, Jr. have announced that they have been working on an online tv series titled “The Comedy Club.” The series will make up 7 episodes, each 7 minutes long. Upon release, the series will be available to watch via YouTube. Both New Orleans natives, Caesar is a Stand-up Comedian and Actor and McLin is a Writer.

As I dug a little into the concept of the Comedy Club with the two, Mark replied:

“The Comedy Club…If you think of New Orleans, and if you think of a Comedy Club in New Orleans, who would you expect to come? What kind of people would you expect to see? Would it be in the French Quarter, Uptown?”

Having the Comedy Club set in New Orleans, we already expect things to get a little crazy. In terms of locals comedians, the two explained that we should expect see both familiar and unfamiliar faces, but most importantly we’ll see some of the best talent.

As a veteran comedian in the Crescent City, Mark Caesar is one you want to keep your eye on. Outside of his jokes, his presence is enjoyable. McLin has past experience with writing, and the two together seem like a perfect fit.

The series is set to take off in early 2019. For all insight into what we can expect from The Comedy Club series, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with the duo below:

If you would like to donate to the Comedy Club cause, you can do so here. To stay updated on all things Comedy Club, be sure to follow Mark Caesar and Kevin McLin on Instagram.


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