Supa Cent Empowerment: New Orleans Crayon Case CEO created as a Doll

“Doll inspired by Supa Cent, because she inspires me.”

Supa Cent has done it again. Since launching her cosmetic line ‘The Crayon Case Cosmetics,’ Supa Cent has continued to inspire females around the world. Custom doll maker Dionna Douglas, or KimaniCustomDolls, recently released a custom made Supa Cent doll. The doll is decked out from head to toe in Crayon Case gear.

“Doll inspired by Supa Cent, because she inspires me. I will be sending as a gift. I hope she gets it and loves it,” said Douglas.

For those not familiar with the internet sensation, Supa Cent made her name through her personality and hard work. People first started taking note of Supa through her online videos, in which she held nothing back. Soon after, she began posting personal videos of makeup tutorials online, continuing to grow her fan base. It wasn’t long until she released her ever-popular cosmetic line The Crayon Case, aiming it at the amateur makeup artist.

It is safe to say that since growing into a cosmetic maven, Supa Cent has continued to inspire women everywhere, especially black women. Being one of the most successful female entrepreneurs to come from New Orleans, Supa is always using her platform to help others. She is constantly engaged in promoting small businesses in New Orleans, all while staying true to her fans.

It is no surprise that we now have a Supa Cent doll.  Growing up, there is nothing more special to a little girls than a doll. Having been around for decades, dolls represent “being a grown up” to most young girls. Having a Supa Cent as an optional doll is an amazing step in the right direction for the girls of our younger generation. She is someone to look up to, paving the way for future black female entrepreneurs.

Be sure to check out the creator of the Supa Cent doll, KimaniCustomDolls. Be sure to check out Supa Cent’s cosmetic line, The Crayon Case, here.

Let us know which other New Orleans native you would like to see made into a doll!

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