An Australian Museum opened up a 100% Free Recording Studio in New Orleans to help grow the music culture. (How To)

Earlier this week posted something on out instagram a few days ago that received a lot of attention.

In the post, we asked what was hurting the New Orleans music scene. We received a lot of interesting comments. One that stood out came from upcoming rapper and son of Juvenile, Young Juve. He said that it’s because we don’t have enough studios.

Well in an interview we just dropped with New Orleans recording artist/producer Perk, he told us something very interesting. He works as an engineer at The Embassy Studios. The Embassy Studios has an interesting history that traces back to Tasmania, Australia. The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) located in Tasmania saw the potential in New Orleans and decided to invest in its’ musicians. The studio hired local engineers to record and engineer New Orleans artists completely free. Perk details in his interview how he got connected to the studio through No Limit’s Mr. Serv On. He also details how you can get connected if you live in New Orleans.

From a lower vantage point, it seems like the resources are limited. The reality of the situation is that there are resources available, they just have a certain criteria that needs to be met. Check out the interview to learn more!


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