New Orleans a True Spade! French, Black, Upside Down & Bout’ that Cash Money: A Look into Club Spades

NEW ORLEANS, LA: Known as a city for its hustle and Bourbon Street, it’s no surprise that Club Spades in New Orleans brings constant attraction, a good time, and cash money. Located on S. Roman, Club Spades is likely one of the most profitable night club businesses. Not only does the club bring in the typical men (New Orleans boy$) and money, but it’s a well-known spot for artists and celebrities to be spotted lounging at.

In fact, recently we, and almost all of social media, spotted R&B singer Raz B from the early 2000’s boy group B2K at Spades gettin’ down at Club Spades…maybe too down.

But then again, in New Orleans, there is no such thing as “too down”. Not too much comes as a surprise to us. Also spotted at the club that same night were East Coast rappers A$AP Ant of A$AP Mob and LuLu P.

To give ya’ll a better look into the indy-lit, ever-growing Club Spades, check out our exclusive footage from inside the club below:


Are you feeling the vibe? If not, let us in on your favorite club in the city. We know they’re there!

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