Sons take over New Orleans Father’s Businesses after he passed away in his sleep

New Orleans is full of untold stories that need to be highlighted.

The story of Jarmar and Lamar Campbell is one that everyone in New Orleans should know about! In 2017 their father Patrick “Bebe” Campbell owner of Jaidyn’s Wings and Bebe Auto Detailing passed away unexpectedly.

His two sons had little time to grief due to them being the successors of both businesses. They worked tirelessly to keep the family businesses in tact. Now here we are in 2019, Jaidyn’s Wings is picking up steam in the community as a tier 1 chicken spot!

We stumbled upon Jaidyn’s Wings after a post via our instagram went viral that asked our viewers who had the best chicken wings in New Orleans. They have a real fan base and we love the inspirational videos posted on the brand account by Jamar Campbell.


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