New Orleans Residents Are Saying That Mardi Gras Is Cursed After Second Float Fatality at Endymion. (Details)

Things are getting weird this Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

This year Mardi Gras has been a polarizing time. Things start off great and they end grimly. I was at the Nyx parade when the first incident occurred. Geraldine Carmouche was struck by a float and lost her life. The energy of the parade quickly faded and we mourned the loss of one of our citizens.

Last night things turned tragic again when float #14 in Endymion struck a man fatally injuring him. The identity of the man was not immediately released. However, family members took to social media to inform the public.

Although Mardi Gras incidents aren’t uncommon, the frequency this year is quite disturbing. The city has been criticized in recent months for not attempting to remove the bodies of the remaining victims of the Hard Rock Hotel collapse. New Orleans is a very spiritual city and it didn’t take long for residents to say that the city was being cursed for how it handled the Hard Rock Cafe incident.

A few weeks ago a photo went viral of a leg hanging from the top of the Hard Rock Hotel. The city released a statement saying that it was too dangerous to remove them. According to some residents, this was a grave mistake.

Although I don’t think the events directly correlate. In a place like New Orleans, you never know. Our hearts go out to all the families involved and please be safe if you’re parading!


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