ANIMALS: Documentary Exploring 90’s Inner-City Fashion and Culture in New Orleans

Be on the lookout for “Animals” – A 90’s love story about NOLA’s love for a shoe

If you grew up in New Orleans in the early 1990’s, you pobably remember living in the City’s small but unqiue bubble of music, culture, and fashion. What people wore in NOLA was a reflection of New Orleans itself, which people still strive for today. Known as a high-end reatiler in New York, Bally’s released its “Animal” shoe collection in New Orleans store, not knowing what a foundation it would build for the fashion going forward in the Magnolia.

Written, produced, and directed by Benjamin Simmons, “Animals” is a documenary that takes us back to the 90’s in New Orleans during that time.  It is a film that aspires to tell the story of New Orleans youth, the rise of inner-city fashion and culture, and the impact Bally’s had on that. With interviews from KLC, Bustdown, and high end reatilers to former street hustlers, the film is bringing back full on nostalgia.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to check out the full documentary at the New Orleans Film Festival in October of 2018.




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