Ice Cream Gangsta? Check out this 1996 News Special on CP3 featuring Master P

Street Talk – Is there Heaven for a Gangsta?

This old news documentary explores the many different angles of New Orleans, most too familiar to us all.  Beginning with the coverage of the murder of Randal Watts, a close friend of Master P’s, the news special dives into the 3rd ward and the Calliope Projects.

At the forefront of news special is Master P, with highlights from his early upbringing. It explores his first gold record hit “Ice Cream Man”.  Master P explains how big of a role model the actual neighborhood ice cream man was on him. He saw him as businessman who made money and that everyone liked, which influenced him to do the same.

“I’m just writing about what I see, everyday life,” says Master P. Music reflects reality. Over the years, his music and businessman outlook would set a foundation for so many people on the actual streets of this news special.

Violence is always at a to constant peak in New Orleans, but there’s no denying that its community maintains its sanity through its own peoples musical and cultural influence.

Check out the news special below!


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