M.A.Q., Irvin Mayfield, Jr. & John D. Cortez raise the Lyrical Bar in New Orleans with the Release of their New Collaborative Album SUPREME BEINGS

Nesby Phips x Don Flamingo x Paasky x Made Groceries x Gene Stanza x Kourtney Heart x Midcity AB x Jameel Na’im X x Brother Willie Muhammad

For a year now, Supreme M.A.Q. (Massive Amounts of Quality), Irvin Mayfield, Jr., and John Diaz Cortez have been working on producing something special, something supreme.  On October 12, 2018, they released their latest collab album titled Supreme Beings. From a first look at the featured artists, this is an album you want to get on. Although New Orleans goes in the books for its raw, raunchy rap, Supreme Beings sets the city on a different type of path. A path of supreme underground deliverance.

I was able to catch up with Executive Producer M.A.Q. to get a sense of what he was trying to portray with Supreme Beings, why he chose to collaborate with these featured artists, and insight into everyone’s headspace while creating together in one space.

“I chose this group of artists because I wanted to get some of the dopest MC’s together in one room. I wanted to have a collective group of artists that live, eat, and breathe hip hop 24/7. Getting them all together, it was the right choice. Everyone delivered,” says M.A.Q.

Twenty-one tracks strong, the amount of talent heard throughout the album is next level. The mixture of messages, bars, melodies, and beats allow the tracks to run their course. Most importantly, though, the hidden messages heard through the bars characterize the entirety of the album’s meaning. The artists spit truth to power, and allow themselves to reach a level of vulnerability, reigning supreme.

In between tracks are interludes by Brother Willie Muhammad, where he speaks his truth to the Supreme Being power. He presents somewhat of a sequel to the next track throughout the album, giving us a better understanding of the entirety of what it means to be a Supreme Being.

“Power is words, brother. You know the power of words is important. It was a lie, that saying growing up… ‘sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me,’ that’s a lie. A lot of fights I’ve gotten into, it was over words. So words are powerful, right? Words have the ability to shape reality,” says Brother Willie Muhammad in one of his interludes.

The track collaborations are exciting, too. For instance, Introduction’ features Midcity AB, Made Groceries, Jameel Na’im X, Gene Stanza, and Paasky. Another great collaborative track on the album is ‘God’, which features Don Flamingo, Kourtney Heart, Nesby Phips and Paasky. Individually these artists hold their own, but together they elevate.

In addition to the level of musical value heard throughout the album, the creative minds behind Supreme Beings makes it complete. The album’s artwork was done by New Orleans visual artist Ceaux Young. All photography and videography was done by Bolwat ProductionsVisionary Barnes and SouffWes. Outside of a few collaborative albums we’ve seen in the past, the Supreme Beings brings new levels to hip hop in New Orleans. It’s a vibe of music the South is not familiar enough with.

Below, check out my exclusive in-depth interview with Supreme Beings Executive Producer, M.A.Q., a supreme conversation you do not want to miss. From the sound of it, M.A.Q. plans to continue pushing the hip hop game until it reached its peak in the city of New Orleans.

Who do you want to see featured on the next Supreme Beings? Let us know!



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