FACTS: Treety brings beauty & bars to bounce [Video]

‘Before this rap shit, model body been poppin’

TREETY is the newest female bounce artist to make waves in New Orleans. She’s got the look, bars, and the raw bounce vibe. With a heavy Soundcloud following and her new album My Name Treety up on Apple Music, Treety keeps the heating up the city.

According to Treety, her favorite video is “Facts”.

Opening ‘Facts’ with a Magnolia Shorty beat, Treety stays on the Shorty streak. She exudes confidence in all of her songs, and brings such a rawness to female empowerment. FACTS: Anyone who pays home-age to the fallen Magnolia Shorty is good in our books.

With bounce on the rise, it’s only right to shed some spotlight on our own. Check out “Facts” below. “Vee” Modelbody is featured on the track, and is directed by CameraManElii.



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