Instagram comedian ‘Everything_Elz’ is Everything New Orleans

#EverythingElz speaks to New Orleans culture

Since stumbling upon New Orleans Instagram comedian Leach Rachel Rouege, better known as Everything_Elz, I cannot contain the tears of laughter that stream down my face. Even though the rise of social media has normalized the golden game of fame, there is something different about Elz; She’s from New Orleans.

Accent and all, 27 year-old 7th ward native Elz has created her name through her Instragram videos. Re-creating everyday situations like “How we repeat words in New Orleans because we need to be heard”, “Going out on a date and one of the couples is ‘extra'”, and “How parents act when the school supplies list first comes out”, Elz typically takes on multiple roles in a single video.

Having only played a multitude of roles like the ‘boujee girl’, ‘that couple’, or ‘the auntee’ for about a year now, Elz says she has always been considered a class clown.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a class clown. I’ve always had a real knack for making people laugh. I finally decided to take my comedic ability to social media and from there my followers started to grow and my platform became wider,” says Elz.

Following the clear path ahead of her, Elz has since then decided to go back to school at Dillard University, where she is currently a Senior. She is studying to get her BA in Theater with a concentration in Performing Arts, all with the hopes of continuing as Everything_Elz.

Although Elz reaches a variety of audiences, it is without a doubt that her target audience is New Orleans. Her mannerisms and the lingo represented in her “day-in-the-life of a New Orleanian” will have you out of your seat. She is so natural, allowing herself to truly captivate her culture, and ultimately elevate her to the top of her game.

Check her out below, but don’t limit yourself here. Go check out Leah, aka @Everything_Elzon Instagram. Give her a follow, or to personally book her, contact her at

Because I have yet to pick up my tears from the floor, I was lucky enough to have Elz pick out her favorite Top 3 videos, below:

Everything_Elz TOP 3 Favorite Videos:

“How women respond when men tryna holla…”

“Everyone’s family for Thanksgiving be like this…”

“How people first act when they get into a relationship versus when they got time invested in it…”


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