You’ve got to see this: Flood’s remix of Master P.’s Make Em Say Uhh is fire!!

Flood made a splash on the New Orleans rap scene about a year ago. He is definitely a top contender in NOLA hip hop and we love to see the content he puts out.

This video took us by surprise, because of the fact that this is a classic. I like the approach and strategy by Flood’s team on remixing Master P.’s Make Em Say Uhh. That song has an imprint on New Orleans culture and it definitely triggers the ear to tune in.

The video is very creative with Flood sporting the classic beanie and glasses popularized by Percy himself. The editing style of the video also features classic No Limit elements and transitions. Shout of to P D0llaz for the amazing video work!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comment section. Keep your foot on their neck Flood!


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