3 Social Media Lessons from Kaleidoscope Hair and Jesseca Dupart.

Jesseca “Judy” Dupart definitely a pioneer in millennial enterprise. Her rise from hair dresser to business mogul is very impressive. Her use of social media as a springboard for her success is worthy of being professionally studied in academia. Here are three lessons I took from her social media after following and engaging with her content for years.

1. Entertain and Engage the Audience

Jesseca is great at a lot of things, but we feel that her gift is the ability to engage through content. Her ideas are always fresh and relatable to the goal she is pursuing.


Another great example of this was her Judy Springer campaign. Her tv show spin offs are becoming a staple in her content marketing strategy. It helps us latch on to her content because she makes her content relate to things we’ve seen in the past.

Jesseca always has fun with her projects, and she makes sure that she tells a story. Whether it’s through a Willy Wonka bounce inspired campaign, or a world record breaking toy giveaway; Jesseca always creates content to engage her audience. She doesn’t just leave it on social media, she keeps everything authentic, and organic.

2. Promote Others

One thing that Judy prides herself in is promoting others. Every other day we see her posting a brand, or announcing a new mentee. Helping others is a part of her ministry and she takes it very seriously. She recently started highlighting businesses on her instagram live on Wednesdays. The results were amazing!


3. Everyone Wins

Everyone loves winning. Jesseca gives a lot of things away. She’s given away cars, money, product, time, and expertise. Philanthropy is very important because it lets your audience know that you care about them.

You have to do giveaways on social media as a business. This gives you a chance to direct targeted traffic back to your company. Judy has definitely mastered the art of pleasing her customers.


Jesseca makes sure that her customers get a sale for for everything major event happening via her personal platform. By doing this, she trains her audience to buy more frequently. It’s an even trade for her, and is one of her driving incentives (besides her passion of course).

Is there anything you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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