Gemellus Steady Gearing up in 2019 with Upcoming Albums and New Visuals for “40”

New Orleans Artist Gemellus is known for his constant flow of music and visuals. As we hit April 2019, he’s still on his steady path. Recently, he dropped visuals for his dope new song “40”, featuring Sauce Walka. The video is produced by ibeverlasting and shot by flywitness. This track will be a part of his upcoming album “Parental Advisory”. Check out the video below:

Talk about putting in work! Only having dropped “UP” in October of 2018, Gemellus has two new albums coming to us soon. These albums include “Parental Advisory” and “Snakes and Ladders”. In addition to some new albums, he’s also said to be dropping some singles, equipped with visuals, featuring artists like Jay Jones and Vincithe1.

He’s also teased us with a look into his new video “Lamb” which features Vincithe1, and is from his latest album “UP”. The video is shot by Digitaldess Peep it out below:

I have to say, “40” is one of the best songs I have heard from Gemellus. I love the beat. Be sure to stay tuned on everything Gemellus does. He is a truly an overall creative, and you never know what he is going to bring next. More importantly, go follow him on Instagram (@iamgemellus) so you can be the first to know when his new albums drop.


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