New Orleans Artist 3DNaTee Bringing Innovation to the NOLA Hip Hop Community with USB Wristbands

3DNaTee drops ‘Already Legendary’ USB Wristband containing entire Discography

One of the strongest female rappers to come out of New Orleans is hands-down 3DNaTee. She is a veteran in the music scene and a lyrical genuis!

Not only is she an artist, rather a Content Creator, Writer, Director, Land, and Business Owner. She owns Already Legendary Media Company, which is a video production company she founded that specializes in music videos, documentaries, short films and promotional videos.

Recently, we saw the female artist raise the bar to keep up with our ever-growing fast paced technological environment. She announced that she will drop her Already Legendary USB Wristband that will contain every track and album that she’s ever dropped. Being the veteran artist that she is, it’s without a doubt that the USB will be heavy with tracks. Confused on what a USB wristband is? No worries, it’s simply a USB flashdrive that you can secure around your wrist that acts like a bracelet. Specifically on the wristband is:

Already Legendary USB Wristbands
A USB wristband loaded with digital copies of her latest albums, videos, and more!
The Wristbands Includes:
– The Regime (25 Track Album)
– Songs That Didn’t Make The Tape (14 Track Album)
– The Coronation (18 Track Album)
– Uptown Butterfly (30 Minute Documentary)
– The Monday Morning Exercise Volumes 1&2 (30 Track Mixtape)
– Guess Who’s Coming 2 Dinner (23 Track Mixtape)
– Videos, Behind The Scenes Footage and more!
OVER $120 Value for only $44.99
–  and more!

It’s no secret that we’ve since moved past cd’s and tapes, but 3DNaTee is one of the first artists to “drop a USB bracelet” filled with music. To get a better idea of what you can expect from the bracelet, check out her announcement clip below:

The bracelet is priced at $44.99 for $120 worth of content. To learn more about the USB bracelet, or to purchase, be sure to head to, here.


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