WOW! French Cosmetic brand Sephora owned by Louis Vuitton ripped off Supa Cent’s Crayon Case Collection…

By now I’m sure that you’re familiar with the Crayon Case cosmetic company by Raynell Steward aka Supa Cent. She became a cosmetic trailblazer with her school themed makeup and accessories inspiring millions.

Growing up we’ve always heard stories about the big companies trying to take down entrepreneurs through buyouts, and impersonation. Companies do this when they see new emerging competitors who could pose as potential threats to their market share.

This morning we got a tip that multimillion dollar brands Moschino and Sephora partnered to release a line of makeup products that are strikingly similar to the Crayon Case. Erasers that look like make up sponges, eyeliners that look like sharpies; all of the products look 100% stolen. This just goes to show how a woman from New Orleans can change a global market by leveraging her resources.

Hopefully Supa has her legal team on this. Last time something like this happened Supa was being targeted by Crayola. Now it seems like she’s on the other side of the cease and desist letter this time around.

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