Briki Fa President Sits Down with NGZ in a 3-Series Interview to Talk Music, Mia X’s Influence on Her Music, and Much More

Exclusive Interview with New Orleans Female Rapper Briki Fa President

BARS, FLOW & RAWNESS! Those are just a few of the terms we would use to describe Briki Fa President’s music. If you have never heard Briki spit, then you’ve yet to get deep into the New Orleans music scene, specifically, the female music scene. She is tough, and always keeps it real through her bars and constant production of music.

Always staying on the top of our music game, we were lucky enough to sit down with Briki to discuss her music and the New Orleans music scene. We discuss many topics from being a plus sized rapper, Mia X, 3DNaTee, ‘Watch My Smoke’ Entertainment, and more.

Check out our 3-series of interviews with Briki below:

Briki Fa President on Being a Plus Sized Rapper, Mia X, Watch My Smoke ENT, & more (Full Interview)

Briki Fa President on how Mia X Influenced her in the Rap Game

Briki Fa President on 3D Na’Tee: “Damn, can I get a song in with the girl first?”


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