G4 “Necessary” Official Music Video


In one of his most vibrant videos yet, G4 (aka Negus) brings a sense of reality and entertainment to his audience. Both through his bars and the visual itself, Gus enlightens us on what it’s like to be in his shoes. Set in a corner store, it’s a great portrayal of what it’s like to be working non stop, just to be able to grind as an artist, in hopes of reaching the top. It’s necessary, because he’s built legendary.

I’m just trying to make it larger than life, really bro. Takin’ these checks, slow grindin’, tryin’ put it all into this…


What has always been so admirable to us about Gus is his humble strive, and truth to power. He isn’t always making noise in an attempt to grab all of the attention. Rather, when it is his time to shine, it’s brighter than the rest.

This is hands down one of our favorite videos by the New Orleans rapper, so we had to highlight it as a NGZ exclusive. Check it below and let us know what your favorite Gus video is.

G4 “Necessary”. Directed by Chris Alcazar


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