Why Juvenile Signing Back to Cash Money Records was a Good Move

Just Another Grammy is what Birdman & Juvenile should have called this project; it’s a masterpiece.

According to Rolling Stone you never truly leave Cash Money. Juvenile and Birdman shook the hip hop world when they announced that they would be putting together a joint album Just Another Gangster. The last thing we would have expected was Juvenile signing back to Cash Money after their rough patch.

After listening the the album I’m glad they decided to put it out. The project had a great sound, everyone held their own on the track. They even bought out a few new faces towards the end of the project.

Juvenile turned a lot of heads after signing back to his former label. People are saying that it wasn’t a smart move. I personally feel like Juvenile going back to Cash Money was one of the best things that he could have done for his career. In order to understand why this was the best move you’d have to take a look his career. Other than Lil Wayne, Juvenile was the only Hot Boy still making money off of shows. Juvie’s music stood the test of time, and it shows in his booking schedule. After two decades he still gets booked to do college shows.

Juvenile is a legend in the game. The only thing that stagnated him was the lack of an industry support machine. This was the variable that set Cash Money and No Limit from the other growing labels in New Orleans. They were backed by the actual industry.


Birdman and Slim never severed ties with Universal Records. They still have their hand in the music game. Signing to Cash Money gave Juvenile the opportunity for another mainstream push that has leverage based on history. Cash Money fans looked at this collaboration as a dream come true, and Juvenile has been buzzing in the press.

With the buzz gained from this joint project Juvenile has the potential to follow up with a solo project that could make some real noise. We are also seeing the emergence of his son Young Juve. Garnering attention through these next few albums can give Juvenile the platform needed to push his son into mainstream. Signing to Cash Money is a great move for Juvenile because it opened more doors for him and his family.


Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Juvenile just dropped a new single called Ride Dat and it’s what we’ve been missing. Although it has been a while since they’ve blessed the track together it’s still refreshing to hear. Birdman has been settling his differences with former label signees and it’s looking promising. The Carter V lived up to the hype with over 500k units sold the first week through streams, and Juvie is back on the roster. There is also talks of a possible album with Cash Money’s Turk. The streets need these records as a since of closure to a rollercoaster of events under the Cash Money Brand. Birdman is doing right by giving us music from the people who helped Cash Money see the success that it reached.

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