Junior Montana delivers a memorable video with “Hot Boyz Reloaded”.

Self proclaimed “Hottest rapper in the city” Junior Montana, has recently released a classic New Orleans song and video with  “Hot Boyz Reloaded”.  

The record starts with Junior Montana telling the listener that “Tell them N***** who done stole our style, the N.O. needs that back, jack, ya Understand”  letting you know what kind of energy he will be bringing to song and accompanying visuals for “Hot Boyz Reloaded

Montana is seen in the Video sporting standard Dickies fit as he gives you a brief rundown of early to late ninety’s New Orleans Hip-hop history. To give you just a taste of some of the line around this topic are “Lil Wayne dropped Block is Hot, Juvie 400 Degreez/ and every N**** from New Orleans wore Girbauds and tee’s”.  I know that it isn’t lost on most of us that he spits these words in front of two separate murals in the city. One being of the Prominent rapper Lil Wayne, while the other being a mural of the late great Soulja Slim.  

 He ends the video with a old clip of Soulja Slim in the studio saying that “ If a N**** lived past 94’, and he was Outchere, off the porch, he a gangster”.  Let us know how you feel Junior Montana reinvigorated the hot boy movement?

Montana also tagged who we would believe to be the director of the video @lonzellclarkfilms

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