How Social Media transformed Produce into Pornography. #CucumberChallenge

So it has become apparent that social media has taken over our day to day activities as a primary go-to; however, what is too far?

In recent months, this craze of displaying your “Supa Head” skills while sucking on a cucumber has reached an all-time high. Of course, no man is objecting to this, seeing as though it’s only material for them to access via Instagram with the simple tap of a hashtag. It has gotten to the point where its almost frowned upon to purchase either a cucumber or eggplant without questionable looks at your local grocery store. Honestly, it makes me ask myself, what did women use in past years prior to the blessing of a dildo?

I’ve been researching materials used for female pleasure B.D., Before Dildo. My findings are both intriguing and cringe-worthy! Wood, tar, stone, and steel are just a few that I’ve found factual. Dildos once had springs in it that were harmful because they would pop out during use, OUCH! So my inquisitive mind wonders, what’s so wrong with the use of a cucumber? Honestly, ask yourself would you rather a piece of wood or cucumber in your lady parts? I’ll take the vegan choice over splinters, please! 

People utilize Instagram as a platform for many devices. With hashtags, it opened the door to worldwide access to whatever we see fit. The #CucumberChallenge is one of many but has made such a lasting effect that it divided the world into a 50/50 split of positive and negative opinions. Personally, if a woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her body, why should inserting a cucumber where she sees fit not be included with that proclamation! What is your opinion on this topic? Be sure to comment below!


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