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Kenner native elevating the fashion culture. CREATIVE CROSSROAD FT A. GUILLARD

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An entrepreneur, stylist, designer, and creative. Because of Andrew Guillard’s dedication to his brands evolution, the list continues. Originally from Kenner, Louisiana, Guillard descended into the fashion world after attending ‘The Art Institute of Houston for Fashion Design’. Savagely, his brand Cvltivated hit the stylish New Orleans fashion scene hard with the release of his newest campaign, Heartless Society Collection FW19/20.

Guillard said “Heartless Society was built on anybody who had a bad breakup, anybody who lose someone that they truly truly love and could never get [them] back”. Previously, dropping a line of of Fall coats, he exceeded expectations with the creative campaign release of his undergarments last week. Continuously forging his future through his many creative talents, has us keeping a watchful eye on Mr. Guillard’s next move.

 We sat down and spoke with Guillard briefly. You may also find him on Instagram.

Guillard’s voice

What would you label yourself as?

I would label myself as the “Storytelling Artist”. Everything I do has a story attached to it. It serves a purpose. I don’t see myself doing anything just to do it. I’m working to be the artist who wants to inspire others based on my life experiences. I don’t want to be put into this box of just “Designing or Styling”. I want people to realize my fabrics have a story to tell. 

What are some of your hopes for the fashion scene in New Orleans, especially with fashion week around the corner?

 “My hopes for the fashion scene here in NOLA is for us to grow big within the fashion industry. We often get sweep under the rug being that we aren’t one of the fashion capitals. I believe that with the amount of culture we have, High Fashion would blend in perfectly. There’s so much inspiration. It would definitely be a vibe. I could see big runway shows happening all over the city. Flagship Luxury Brand stores down Magazine St. The vision is there. I believe we have to execute but on a different level. A lot of events we have in the city is centered around fashion. People of New Orleans always make it their business to get the greatest and latest when there’s big events. It’s here, we just have to build.”

The designs you created are brilliant, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs? 

“Calvin Klein and a previous heartbreak experience were the leading inspirations. I remember being stuck under this rock after this bad experience and I wanted to create something to pull me from under that dark cloud. So I began researching more about Calvin Klein’s iconic underwear collections. It was history from there. “

Creatively Define fashion: 

“Fashion is the opportunity for you to make however many bold statements you want about who you are. It’s the stage you step on where your fabrics does the shit talking. It’s a confidence builder. Fashion is where you find out where your patience for taste lies. Fashion is all about individuality. It’s about being the best OutCast you could be. Most importantly it’s about being remembered. People will always remember if you dress great or not.”

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