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New Orleans Rapper Dee-1 Interviewed The Louisiana Governor With A Soulja Rag and Ballys On!

Dee-1 had the opportunity to interview the Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards at the Governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana is known for being a red state. So when we got word that Dee-1 was going to the Governor’s mansion for an interview we were a little surprised. John Bel Edwards is a Democratic Governor who is very accessible to the people.

He met Dee-1 at a school after he finished performing. They connected and this interview was a result of that encounter. Dee-1 asked us along with Blu Print Media to produce the video of the interview.

One thing that stood out the most about the interview was Dee-1’s attire. I thought to myself, “Is this the first time a Soulja Rag has made it through the doors of the Governor’s Mansion.”? I also wondered if this was the first time a pair of Ballys graced the halls of the mansion.


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