Jay Jones Takes A “Gamble” With New Visuals

Young Money rapper Jay Jones releases new music video “Gamble”

Jay Jones gives his fanbase a glimpse of some of his own hardships, and troubles he has endured while on the rise in his “Gamble” music video. The up and coming Hollygrove MC is already one of the most talked about rappers in the city. The first bars Jay gives the listener are “ I lost it all before I got the deal/ When you’re back against the wall watch how they disappear”. You can hear the blunt emotion from the very introduction of the song. 

The black and white visual follows Jones throughout the night and shows him walking through the Hollygrove streets. While rapping about his close friends and homies, you can see them, standing by him, shooting dice in the same scene. On the hook he melodically spits “ The street don’t love you/ Ya dog’s don’t trust you/ All them cold nights/ Get Your soul right”. 

In essence, Jay Jones newest single and accompanying video will have all who lay their eyes on it feeling as though this is only the beginning of his story.

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