The Story of Tyrann Mathieu, and Why It’s So Inspirational.

Tyrann Mathieu is a New Orleans native from the 7th Ward who always had dreams of making it to the big leagues.

I would watch him play kickball at Osborne Elementary school and could tell he would be a star one day. Tyrann’s story isn’t your average sport’s tale. This is a story filled with trials and tribulations. A story that almost ended too soon over minor setbacks. He joined the list of people who have made history in New Orleans after winning the 54th Superbowl with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Before diving into why this story was so meaningful we first have to talk about who Tyrann Mathieu is. He is a 27-year-old Saftey from New Orleans who attended St. Augustine High School where he first received national attention. During his senior year alone he recorded 32 tackles, five interceptions, one sack, and a fumble recovery.

His upbringing wasn’t the easiest. He was raised by his grandparents. His mom was absent and his father incarcerated for murder.

After his grandfather passed away, he was adopted by his Uncle Tyrone and his Aunt Sheila. In an interview with Bleacher Report Mathieu said that he asked his mom point blank could he live her and she told him no. Things were smooth until Hurricane Katrina hit and they lost everything. They were homeless for a year.

Mathieu would eventually become a top prospect for LSU’s Tiger football program. He had a very promising career ahead of him. Everyone was rooting for him and the city knew he was the next big sports star. All of this changed when he was removed from the team after failing two drug tests for marijuana.

Things were blown completely out of proportion and he was subject to unfair media attacks on his character. Tyrann was performing efficiently, he wasn’t using any performance enhancers. He just smoked here and there. This incident completely derailed his career and he had to enter a rehab program before he picked up another football. I personally am glad that he did it. He saw the attacks and understood that if he wanted to play the game he’d have to play by their rules. If this didn’t happen I’m sure he would have been a first-round draft pick.

Mathieu was drafted in the 3rd round by the Arizona Cardinals where he took his game to another level. People didn’t realize that Tyrann was still a defensive force and that his career was derailed solely off of bad press. Fast forward to 2020 and he’s a Superbowl Champion. This story will serve as inspiration for people who had all odds stacked against them but came out on top. Tyrann has also been doing a lot for the community of New Orleans through his Foundation.

Congratulations on overcoming your trials and being a testament for change.


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