Melissa Odum on Growing Up in the 13th Ward, Motherhood at 16, Building Queendom Aesthetics. (Part 1)

If you have a passion for it, you can earn a living from it.

Growing up in the 13th Ward of Uptown New Orleans wasn’t easy for Melissa Odum. Her parents were addicted to drugs which led to her being adopted by her grandparents. She attended Walter L. Cohen where she learned a lot about herself. This was also the time when she had gotten pregnant and Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Relocating to Las Vegas molded her into the multi-million dollar business CEO she is today. But how did she do it? In part 1 of our sitdown with Melissa, she tells us the story of how she overcame her obstacles and founded Queendom Aesthetics.

She is now located in New Orleans East, the heart of black New Orleans. Although she was hesitant about the move due to the bad press surrounding the East, she is more than satisfied with her decision.

This interview is a must-watch!


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