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What Really Happened with Corey Miller, 2 Chainz, & TRU Records? (Explained)

Corey Miller put in a lot of groundwork to build up TRU Records. After being sent away 2 Chainz tried to pick up where he left off. Was he wrong?

Corey Miller is a legend in the game. He showed the world that you can make a name for yourself even though the spotlight wasn’t always on you. Cee always did what he needed to do to stand out. Starting TRU Records was one of the biggest plays made by Miller. The TRU movement is still going strong although he has been locked away for some time.

A few years ago 2 Chainz received some backlash for starting his own TRU movement. New Orleans has a history of being appropriate when it comes to culture. This is something that I felt I needed to address after dropping the TRU video and reading the comments. Check out that video too if you haven’t already!


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