DJ Zeus: A Year of Great Feats

DJ Zeus, a name that if you don’t know now… you probably will soon. This year has been a crescendo of success and meaningful collaborations for the talented DJ and producer.

DJ Zeus’ role is the official DJ and producer for the Atlanta United soccer team at the iconic Mercedes Benz stadium. His beats have undoubtedly become the heartbeat of the stadium, enhancing the electrifying atmosphere during every game.

Beyond the DJ booth, DJ Zeus has dedicated himself to youth community outreach as a partner and DJ for the New Orleans Saints. He has connected with the community using his musical prowess as a medium, leaving an indelible impact on the younger generation.

Xavier University of Louisiana recognized DJ Zeus’s contributions by honoring him as a 40 under 40 recipient, a testament to his influence and dedication to his craft. This recognition speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence and his ability to inspire others within and beyond the university.

A highlight of the year was DJ Zeus taking the stage as the official producer and DJ for the 50th annual Bayou Classic, sharing the platform with local artists. This event not only celebrated tradition but showcased DJ Zues’s ability to seamlessly blend his sound with the rich cultural tapestry of New Orleans.

Further solidifying his place in the music scene, DJ Zeus opened for Tank and the Bangas during the 10-year anniversary of “Think Tank.” This collaboration marked a milestone in his career, aligning him with renowned artists and exposing his talents to a broader audience.

Looking towards the future, DJ Zeus has exciting plans to drop a compilation album featuring some of the finest artists from New Orleans. This venture is a testament to his commitment to showcasing and elevating local talent, ensuring that his impact extends far beyond the DJ booth.

Reflecting on his journey, DJ Zeus shares, “I’ve been DJing since I was 15 years old. I’ve come this far because of the people around me that believe in me. There were never handouts! But I made a conscious choice to work hard, have integrity in my work, and stay consistent.”

DJ Zeus, an artist whose beats have echoed through stadiums, connected communities, and left an indelible mark on the music scene. A rising star with the promise of more musical magic in the future.


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